Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Creation of MikkaylaGuillett.com

When deciding what site to buy my domain from as well as to host my website, I was a bit overwhelmed. The first company that came to mind was GoDaddy.com. Sure the commercials are cheesy and racy, but obviously the company has done a good job with the campaign if Go Daddy comes to mind when buying a website. Go Daddy was the first site I checked out, but after itemizing everything I need (domain, host, 6 + pages, a site builder, etc.) it became clear that Go Daddy was not made for me.
So then I googled top 10 web hosts and several top 10 lists appeared.This list was the most helpful. From there I was able to compare several hosts with Just Host being the winner. Just Host seemed to be the most budget friendly for what I needed. For $41.23 I was able to get my website up and running for a full year. Several sites advertised $3.50/month, however to get that rate you had to pay for 2-3 years of service at once, resulting in a large amount. This is not the case with Just Host. With a one-time payment I received account setup, instant activation, domain registration, $250 in marketing credits for Google/ Yahoo, as well as a free site builder. Go Daddy on the other hand wanted to charge per month for the site builder depending on how many pages I wanted to have on my website.
I suggest that once you decide who to host your site with to attempt to exit out of the browser, because most web host sites will offer a coupon to stay and do business with them. Just Host received my business after a 50% off coupon. Other sites offered to waive sign up fees, 20% off, or a free domain for life.

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