Friday, February 5, 2010

OCNN launched for Super Bowl festivities. Reputable News Organizations Say Child Please

"Ochocinco News Network. Where news is given and you can kiss the baby, and if you don't like us, child please." -Chad Ochocinco

For those that do not follow football or follow Mr. Ochocinco on twitter, that quote leaves you puzzled. For those of us who created a spot for Chad Ochocinco (formally Chad Johnson) in our hearts after following him on the popular HBO series Hardknocks in 2009, it's just another crazy saying out of the Bengals receiver's mouth.

Determined to find a way to connect with his fans, Ochocinco began tweeting about his daily life and all the hard work he puts in to getting ready for games. Previous to Hardknocks, he had 17,000 followers in July 2009 and has since increased his following to 736,267 (as of 02/06/10). His popularity among twitter and Facebook has made him very marketable, which is why Motorola has teamed up with the Bengals wide receiver to promote OCNN.

According to OCNN's Facebook company overview:

"OCNN is the brainchild of the NFL's reigning king of social networking and his partners at Motorola. With the Motorola Cliq phone in hand, powered by MOTOBLUR technology, Ocho Cinco is transformed 'into a one-man social news network. OCNN brings you all the news you need from on and off the field, from the most exciting mind in the NFL."

Motorola has chosen Ochocinco to help promote Motoblur, a social media software that allows users to view their social networking sites all at once, while at the Super Bowl. Ochocinco is not alone as Redskins Chris Cooley, Ravens Ray Rice, and Cardinals Darnell Dockett are also part of the OCNN campaign. The three other reporters chosen are also popular on twitter, and interact with their fans on social media sites on a regular basis. Throughout the week leading up to the game the four OCNN reporters will tweet, update the OCNN website, and add to the OCNN Facebook.

OCNN will cover media day for both teams as well as the hottest parties hosted in the week before the game. Motoblur will allow the news crew to update their social media sites simultaneously while providing fans with the latest news in Miami. OCNN plans to ask questions that fans wouldn't get from any other news source, including asking Colts DE Dwight Freeney to "give it to him real" about his injured ankle. Ray Rice continued to get the real story by asking Colts DE Robert Mathis "why did ya'll have to hit me so hard during that game" (referring to Week 19 where the Colts beat the Baltimore Ravens 20-3).

ESPN did a story on the OCNN network while at media day, and it was entertaining to watch Ochocinco to be treated like a media personnel who was forced to wait in line to ask questions, as well as being limited in the number of questions asked. OCNN however did not air this footage, but instead opted to run footage of all four reporters interviewing key players from both teams.

Photo courtesy of OCNN's facebook.

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