Friday, February 26, 2010

Podcasting Tips

In the SXSW Podcasting Tips podcast that was posted, several key points were made about having a successful podcast. The podcast features Steve Mack and Jose Castillo who are responsible for The Lame Podcast. Both of them have a large amount of experience in podcasting as well as digital media. According to them the number one tip for making your podcast listable is to know your audience. Of course this seems like a simple step, but it's often over looked. For instance, if you're making a sports podcast there is no need to mention gas prices, the weather, or any other topic that does not pertain to the sport that is being mentioned. In order to connect with your audience it is important that a blog is linked to your podcast, so that people can leave comments about the show. Mack and Castillo believe it is vital to connect with your audience so that you're not lame.

After checking out their website I liked their motivation for the site

Don’t be lame.

Simple words… but something we live by. We have all been involved in lame projects but we want to fight the urge to be mediocre. Our collective knowledge of what to do (and a lot of what not to do) is something we want to share with you. So if you are building a podcast, resist the urge to be boring. Check out our stories and learn from our lameness (and others).

Trust your gut, you know when something is lame - don’t do it!

If more people listened to their gut about something being lame when it came to podcasting I might actually listen to podcasts on a regular basis. I have attempted to listen to podcasts in the past and I have yet to listen to the same podcast more than twice. They have either been too long, off topic, or just plain bad. There's nothing more irritating than listening to someone ramble about nothing with constant umm's and hmm's throughout the podcast.

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