Sunday, February 7, 2010

Social bookmarking making life more accessible

As someone who is relatively new to social media outside of blogging for previous classes and Facebook, the how-to guide has been helpful. Until social bookmarking had been brought up in class, I had no idea such a thing existed.

Deltina Hay puts it in simplest terms and defines social bookmarking as, " a way for you to save your favorite blogs and websites in a public space the same way you might save them using your own web browser" (177).

The idea of using the bookmarking sites, as a yelp-version of google is pure genius. Often people only view the first few pages of google results before giving up. This limits them to popular websites that may not always have the information that they are looking for. However, this new technology allows uses to look at other sites that google may not have offered them in the first few pages.

Hay defines folksonomy as being able to, "not only see the comments other people have made on a particular site, you also get the additional terms they used to tag it" (179). This would be very helpful for people who are trying to research a topic but have hit a dead end. Often this is the case for students who are unaware of synonyms associated with their topic. By searching these additional terms, users are able to find more information that could be useful without wasting a large amount of time.

After setting up an account with delicious, I became addicted within half an hour of navigating through the site. It seems that the site could be very beneficial to me and students everywhere, who often feel like research for projects and papers can be overwhelming. Social bookmarking allows us to complete our homework at multiple locations without having to print out our sources, which can run up to 40 pages just to provide us with a few quotes for our papers. With this technology, there is no longer a need to spend unwanted hours in the library working on papers that could easily be finished at home.

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