Saturday, March 6, 2010

April 3, 2010... A Day to Avoid Shopping Centers Containing an Apple Store

For those who are counting down the days until it's release (28 if you cared) the news from Apple on Friday helped kick off their weekend on a high note. Antsy buyers will be able to pre-order the 9.7-inch gadget next Friday (March 12). Prices start at $499 for a 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad and go up to $820 for a 64 GB Wi-Fi +3G iPad. Lets not forget to add the $29.99 (plus taxes) monthly plan for 3G coverage from AT&T.

Though the commercials make the iPad look like a necessity, in all honesty a lot of people could get away without purchasing one. The commercial claims that the iPad provides "the best web surfing experience, the best email experience, the best photo and movie watching experience. It's going to change the way we do things every day." I highly doubt any of this is true. Sure with its sleek design it looks as hot as Gerard Butler surrendering in Law Abiding Citizen, but what are the chances that it provides the best experiences? People who are unfamiliar with touch screens will have to get used to it in order to email others. How time consuming and frustrating for those who are not used to a touch screen.

As a Mac owner I understand the amazingness of the company, but do you really need to carry around an iPhone to make calls, a macbook to get work done, an iPod for your tunes, and now an iPad for the best experience possible? Anyone remember what a pain the first generation iPods were, or how many problems the first generation iPhones had? Over the years Apple has made tremendous changes to the iPod, making them cheaper, more user friendly, and easier to carry around.

So next Friday I will be doing more important things (like starting my last college spring break) while all the techies are pre-ordering their iPads from the Apple website. I will make a note about the iPad release on April 3, but only so that I remember to avoid the Domain on that day so that I can avoid the crowds. For those who are interested in purchasing an iPad I ask that you please be patient and at least wait a few months before making the big purchase. As with all of their products, the iPad price tag will likely go down shortly after its big release. Wouldn't you feel better about your safe saving a little extra cash?

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