Monday, March 29, 2010

Video Editing

As the semester progresses and one project turns into another, it has become helpful to find websites that are user-friendly for these projects. Our latest project, a web video highlighting the 125th Anniversary of St. Edward's, requires shooting video and then editing it down to a three minute video. Previous to this project I had become familiar with Final Cut Pro and iMovie, however since my Macbook was stolen in October, editing footage would be difficult on my PC. Sure the computer labs on campus have both programs, but as a senior down the home stretch of my last semester trying to juggle school, an internship, and work, the last thing I want to do is spend several hours in a computer lab. Fortunately for me my professor provided a list of cloud applications that would allow us to edit footage regardless of the type of computer we were working on. The site that seems to be the most helpful for this project is JayCut. JayCut's layout is somewhere between iMovie and Final Cut Pro. The site allows users to upload, edit, and share video footage anywhere in the world. Check back next week for the final product.

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