Sunday, April 4, 2010

Social Media Press Releases

Tom Foremski's widely talked about social media press has become a hot topic in the past week among twitter as well as our class. His release has helped set the foundation for press releases in a web 2.0 world.

According to Foremski," press releases are nearly useless." As an intern who sends out as well as receives a lot of basketball related releases, the text in a release is often overwhelming. It is easy to see why many releases often go unread and end up in one's trash.

Foremski's proposal to deconstruct the press release to make it user friendly is one of those hey why didn't I think of that products. By providing different sections of the release, it is likely that all of the information will be taken in by the reader. This format also allows for valid information to be correctly phrased in newspapers, magazines, and blogs. Writers will be able to spend less time looking for information on the internet.

When readers don't understand something in a release they do one of two things: continue to read the release in hopes of figuring it out or they search what ti is. It's likely to be the first choice because people are lazy.

I think it might take some getting used to, but with time it could very well become the norm in the PR world. Just like every new product, the social media press release is bound to change a few times before people are completely satisfied. What are your thoughts on the social media press release?

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