Sunday, April 11, 2010

Problems with creating Mikkayla

Though JustHost provides a free website builder, I still ran in to several problems along the way. For starters uploading my resume took a long time. All the words that were supposed to be bold had a different colored background. After messing with the code for 20 minutes I decided not to use bold text, and instead opted for italics.

Another problem I came across was locating an appropriate picture. I searched through the 400 + pictures on my computer and I did not find any. Something was wrong with every picture whether it was because someone else was in the picture or because I was not wearing business attire. In the end I decided to use a photo from my senior portraits.

Uploading my portfolio also gave me problems. Luckily I saved all my hard copies of papers so that was helfpul after my laptop was stolen. I was unable to locate hard copies of my video clips.

The process was very time consuming, but in the end very worth it. I believe it was very beneficial to me to create a website. Personal websites are becoming a necessity in order to stand out. It allows potential employers to view your work without requesting it via email. With companies having the opportunity to choose between someone straight out of college or a person with 10+ years of experience, it is important to show them you have what it takes to get the job done.

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