Sunday, March 28, 2010

Get Snookied

After reading about memes that have generated negative publicity for corporations, I decided to check out what kind of memes are currently circulating the internet. Thanks to the greatness of Google, I was able to locate a website that documents memes and other interesting phenomena that has popped up on the internet relatively quickly. While browsing through the site, I stumbled across SnookieShop. According to Know Your Meme

"Snookieshop is a single topic blog featuring a series of photoshopped exploitables based on a cutout image of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, a cast member from MTV's reality series Jersey Shore. In the span of two weeks in February 2010, the Snookieshop phenomenon has spawned nearly 1000 user-contributed images, all of which have been self-archieved by the blog."

Jersey Shore has become a guilty pleasure of mine, so of course I had to check out Snookieshop. After spending close to 30 minutes on the blog, I was able to come across numerous images that literally made me laugh out loud. If you need to kill some time I highly recommend you check out the blog or create your own Snookieshop photo.


  1. I am still amazed at reality tv’s ability to turn everyday people into celebrities. Actually, most celebrities don’t even have a mini version available of themselves for people to play with online. But, snookie does! It’s obvious how memes could negatively impact someone, because they are for entertainment purposes and therefore could be seen as immature and harmful to an image. But I don’t think this is the case with snookie. Obviously, The Jersey Shore was not a serious television show and this type of publicity is probably welcome. However, it would be interesting to hear snookie’s take on this and to see if she actually approves of it or not.

  2. How funny! I am a Jersey Shore junkie as well--and I agree with Julie about how amazing it is that reality tv stars have turned into celebrities. Whats even more amazing is how these "celebrities" can influence public opinion. It's a little scary that they can do this, especially those like Snookie, but it's so true!