Monday, March 22, 2010


While most students were busy working on their tans and taking inebriated pictures to post on Facebook during Spring Break, I was too busy dealing with a reality shock. What seemed like it would never come, is now around the corner... yes I'm talking about graduation.

Though I was able to enjoy a weekend get away that resulted in me getting engaged and a possible post graduation job with the Dallas Mavericks, I spent my spring break job hunting and updating my website. My first step actually occurred right before spring break. I made an appointment with Career Services on campus to update my resume. Prior to my appointment I was under the impression that my resume was fairly decent, however that was not the exact case. After my hour long meeting my resume was well laid out so that it would be appealing to the reader and would stand out over my peers' resumes.

I was also able to update my website, in hopes of helping land a job. Unfortunately my website is still in the works. I am still without a heads shot and without an online portfolio. I was able to add a contact box, which I found online for free. The addition of the contact box makes my website look more professional. It is also more user friendly than having to cut and past my email address in to an email.

Another step in the right direction was cleaning up my Facebook account. The encouragement came from Gayle Howard, a master resume writer and personal branding strategist. After spending 30 minutes cleaning up my Facebook I untagged over 75 pictures that I would not want future employers to see.

For those who are graduating in May and are job hunting, I suggest you follow these experts on twitter.

 They offer free advice and are very tweet happy.

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